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me02Chris Jones is a Network Engineer, certified with Juniper as JNCIE-ENT #272, and with Cisco Systems as CCIE #25655 (R&S).

Chris has more than eight years of industry experience with both Cisco and Juniper products and solutions.

Chris can be found on Twitter @junoschris, and his technical blog is located at 3Fives.com

4 comments on “About Chris
  1. Andy Newman says:

    Hi Chris,

    I thought I would connect with you since Robert Juric is one of our authors and we are looking to add to our author pool. Have you ever considered contract work recording video training? If so, I would welcome the chance to talk more about this with you.
    Look forward to possibly connecting

  2. greg chandler says:

    Hey Chris!

    I had a question about your workbook but I got a bounce-back. It looks like your email address has changed.

    Is there an update to this workbook since last October? Sadly, I have not passed the exam yet, so I am going back through your workbook now. I noticed an error, but perhaps it is fixed in the newest version?



    • Chris J says:

      Hi Greg!

      No updates to the workbook unfortunately. I no longer have any control over it, now that TorreyPoint/Proteus is dead. I plan to re-write, using a single physical topology but that’s probably a ways away.

      What error did you find?


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